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Sales Manager
Sales Manager

1994 - 1996 Sales Manager for Vogue Floors

After leaving school with good Alevel results I spent 2 years working for Vogue Floors estimating costs and selling flooring solutions to the public.

Graduation year 2000
Sheffield University

1996 - 2000 Sheffield University

I finished my degree in Creative Technology at Sheffield University with a first class Hons degree. This was also the very first, first class degree in this subject from this University.

Interactive Designer
Interactive Designer

2000 - 2002 Interactive Designer

I worked as an interactive designer using Director software to build an interactive training application for the DWP. I also built Interactive CD ROMs for another company which involed large amounts of 3D modeling and annimation.

Patents Granted

2003 - 2005 Patents Granted

I successfully patented a novel use of Optical Navigation technology used in computer mice. This involved a great deal of work by building electronic hardware and testing the product with novel software. The hope was to make and sell this new product world wide.

Product Designer
Product Designer

2003 - 2005 Product Designer

I constructed many prototypes from plastic to house the electronics but the product failed to work as desired. Please view the username is opticaldj and the password is tgbhu8il90. Please read the infomation here and try to understand the proposed product.

3D Designer
3D Design

2006 - 2007 3D Design & Animation

I moved to Bodrum in Turkey and became a 3D Designer for Bodrum Life magazine. I made many 3D models viewable here. Some of this work went on to be shown on the National Geographic channel in Turkey. This was a great opportunity to show off my 3DS max skills.

Estate Agent
Estate Agent

2008 - 2014 Estate Agent (sales)

I worked with a business partner selling property in bodrum from small 1 bed apartments to 3 million euro villas. I also made many websites some of which made use of my SEO skills to drive traffic to this website This site design was made to client specifications.

Digital designer & Web Designer
Web Designer

2008 - 2014 Digital Designer & SEO

I have made many sites for clients all over Turkey only some of which are still current. Please click the links from this page to view more of my work. I also made to showcase my flash skills. At this time I also aquired some great SEO skills and got great results.

Web Design & 3D Design
SEO & E-commerce
web and 3d design - Quik-cut

2015 - Web Design & 3D Design

I moved back to the UK and gained a full sevice contract with the makers of this kebab cutter, they required full SEO, 3D design, web design and E-commerce. I got the site to number 3 on google and the video has worked really well as a viral marketing tool. Please see

I also make music at
And I also have a full clean driving licence.

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